"What do you wish for?"

"I wish for an ounce of wanderlust, a few splashes of water and an extra dash of wind." she replied. He could see life in her eyes. "May all your wishes come true." 

...And they did. 

Wishes n' Waterlust celebrates a beach and travel lifestyle—with an added focus on the kiteboarding and kitesurfing communities. We bring together the best stories, products, brands, and companies to inspire the dreamer, water-baby and adventure junkie in all of us. 


Kara Mulder

Wishes n' Waterlust became a reality when Kara Mulder—International Flight Attendant and creator of the successful blog 'The Flight Attendant Life'— unexpectedly faced the prospect of losing the career lifestyle which she loved. After over seven years in the industry, there wasn't any other "job" that curiously intrigued her. Except one, and it wasn't exactly a job. It was an idea that filled her with wonder. 

What if she moved to foreign countries to write, kite, and study languages? What if she became a kiteboarder? What would happen then? What could happen then?

So, with only one Kite, a strong freelancing resume, and passionate positivity—paired with a love for the wind, water, and writing—Kara jumped out of the airplane and into the waves, trading her heels for bare-feet and 'red-eyes' for beach life.

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"You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination." —Roman Payne

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