4 Fabulous Kite Spots To Check Out This Winter Season

There are many winter locations around the globe that are begging the waterlusting-wind-lover to come visit. I'm not listing these as 'the latest and greatest' places to kite, but simply a handful of the spots that I have had a chance to visit. I liked each of the spots for different reasons. My skill level varied significantly at each location, so depending on the type of riding you like or the style of travel that you want, you may need different location features.

Also, when digging through over 18,000 digital photos from my travels (cause I travel a lot), the photos that I could find actually held a lot of weight as to what was included in this fabulous kite list. Many people choose to kite Brazil, La Ventana, Turks + Caicos, Maui, or The BVIs in the winter. I've been to Turks (but didn't kite there) and Maui, but the remainder, I don't know as I've never visited. (If you want to send me to experience a destination, I would be more than happy to test it out and write about it for you. Visit my contact page to get in touch.)

Hope your winter kiting adventures are wonderful wherever you choose to go. 

Kite travel destinations

Isla Blanca, Mexico—

  • Fly: CUN
  • Rent a car or take a shuttle to Isla Blanca
  • Ikarus Kiteboarding offers rentals and lessons
  • Conditions: Shallow, flat, offshore
Isla Blanca, Mexico

Noord, Aruba

  • Fly: AUA
  • Taxi, Shuttle, Car rental
  • There are kite schools that offer lessons and rentals
  • Fun location for beach lounging and partying.
  • Conditions: Offshore, flat, gusty
Aruba Kiteboarding

The Philippines

  • FLY: MNL, MPH, USU (over 7,000+ islands)
  • Check out Banana Island if flying to USU
  • Boracay is crowded. Fun for the party, nightlife, and social atmosphere of Kite Beach.
  • Conditions on Boracay: Flat, shallow, crowded
  • Conditions on Banana Island: Remote & Exclusive
Coron, Island Philippines

Cabarete, Dominican Republic—

  • Fly: POP
  • Taxi to Cabarete 
  • Cabarete is so much fun!
  • Conditions: Deep water, waves
  • Check out: Buen Hombre
Cabarete, Dominican Republic

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