Meet Kara— Why Pursuing Your Fascinations Will Probably Change Your Life (For The Better)

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I'm going to assume you don't know me or have never heard about me before. I'm KaraI do a lot of different things, but most of the time, my favorite things surround chasing the wind, writing stories, meeting people, creating content, and going on adventures. I've worked as a commercial flight attendant, private cabin attendant, became a blogger— eventually working with companies like, WeTransfer, and TBEX— hustled as a freelance writer and social media manager, among other things. I am the girl who is incredibly lucky to live such an amazing life and absolutely blessed to share it with you. I am the girl who gets ideas in her head and just wants to see what happens. 

That's partly what this is about. That's partly why this exists. 

Venice Beach, California moments

Venice Beach, California moments

For the amount of time that I spend swooning over the sea, there is a possibility that I am an undercover Mermaid. 

More realistically, I have a heart full of dreams and an insatiable curiosity. That's probably the reason I started Wishes n' Waterlust. That's probably the reason I began travel blogging and loving flight attendant life. 

That's probably the reason I began kiteboarding. 

I am always asked, "Why and how did you get into kiteboarding?"

I don't know the answer exactly, except that it always fascinated me. Pursue your fascinations. It may just change your life.💫

Kara Mulder kiteboarder Flight attendant

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