"She Did What?!?"

True stories and exotic tales of a gypsy life and waterlusting soul. 

Kara Mulder Kite Girl

Meet Kara— "Pursue your fascinations. They may change your life."

There are no guarantees in life, so you might as well pursue your curiosities, fascinations, and dreams. How I got to where I am is not something I planned, but maybe it was always meant to be.

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"Why I Kite"— One Girl's Plunge Into A Wind-loving & Waterlusting World

There are a few reasons why I took up kiteboarding as a female, but the reasons I keep kiting are quite simple. Check out this article about why kiteboarding is one of the best things I could have ever added to my life.

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4 Fabulous Kite Spots To Check Out This Winter Season 

Wishin' to get away from winter woes? Put your Waterlust at ease by planning a trip to one (or all) of these kitesurfing destinations this winter.